I have been teaching English since 1976. I am graduated in Business Administration (in Brazil) and Post-graduated in English as a Second Language in London where I lived for two years. I also lived in France for six months and in Portugal for a year. While I was living in London I had the privilege to be introduced to P.D.Ouspensky's and Godjief's teachings. I had weekly meetings with couple of students from that institution to read and discuss about those marvelous and precious thoughts and theories. They taught us to travel inside ourselves and get to understand more and more about who and where we are in the universe. It is a fantastic journey. I got onto that boat and have been enjoying it till today. Two basic things I will never abandon. They are part of my life; Ouspensky's lessons of Real Psychology and whole food meals (Macrobiotics) based on George Osawa's teachings.

As an English teacher I have always tried to share my knowledge and experiences with all those who have studied with me. Since my twenties I have been trying to grow horizontally and vertically.

Based on my teaching experiences, observation, studies, Ouspensky’s teachings and researches I developed a method through which within a year all those who follow 100% of its principles will certainly develop the four skills implied in speaking a Language: Listening, understanding, comprehending and speaking. Becoming consequently capable of taking any Course given in English, wherever they please.

I have been teaching English in English without any translations or transliterations and recommend my students to never do it. The question is simple; Where on Earth do children translate or transliterate into another idiom when they learn their mother language?

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